As the time of the 7DRL Challenge drew near,
more and more bandit 7DRLs showed up.
They were three, now they are four…
… when will this madness stop?

Crown of the Forest, by Numeron:

“Deep in the forest is a magical crown driving the usually peaceful alphabet monsters into fits of jealous rage. It is up to you to get it from them, and try to keep it. When the timer is up, if you have won the most time with the crown, the forest will be safe.”

ASCIIWar, by Samel Luchino

“You are the RAM controller. The RAM values are gone crazy. KILLTHEM ALL before the CPU crashes! If you manage to kill @ the fake RAM controller then all ascii will follow your rules
Remember to collect chips and that the ram change very often.


Mines of Elderlore by Altefcat

“You are a young hero and to prove your strength, you decide to clean the mines nearby your native village. Only armed with your training sword, you enter a maze of rooms and corridors.”

Other things noteworthy:

Mr. Eyenot tried to pull his own 7DRL out, but went overboard and “failed”, for now

Deveah released Fridge, a 1DRL

Omega for windows, updated!

(Requiescat In Pace, Slashie)

Roaming the coun… requescat in paceOmega, the roguelike we all remember with love and hatred. The roguelike of the “up-in-the-air” madness which started all the craze of overworld roguelikes, the underrated, buggy, unplayable roguelike we all remember. Is back.

Omega is interesting as it was one of the first such games to show the influence of more story and quest led games, particularly the Ultima series that were released commercially by Origin Systems for various micros during the 1980s. Rather than simply wandering round a dungeon, in Omega the player has various paths open to them to appease the gods of Omega’s world.

I’ve taken Omega 0.80.2 and built it as a “proper” Windows application (rather than the console mode builds that have been available before). This version can also optionally show the area around the player using graphics, rather than the usual ASCII characters. The graphics come from David Gervais’ tiles, drawn originally for the game Angband.

Check it out at:, Now.

Releases Wire VIII

Labyrinth of Reptoran v0.2.7

After receiving suggestions from r.g.r.d., Roguetemple, and one person on the Reptoran forums, I’ve updated LoR to include some of the requested features.

The Slimy Lichmummy 0.8

New things include wishes and three new level generators. Polymorphing now works for enemies. Stunning now behaves like “halved speed for a limited time” rather than “instadeath through paralysis”.

libtcod 1.1

* added the Perlin noise toolkit
* added the Field of view toolkit
* added customizable bitmap font size

DaJAngband 1.0.03

To add flavor and character to vanilla Angband. This is done mostly through redoing the monster list and adding a few new classes and races. Other changes are mainly to complement the changes in the monster list.

Unangband 0.6.2

This release was prompted by Mikolaj Konarski reminding me we should probably do a beta release at some point, and pointing out that I hadn’t added any broken features or crazy ideas in a little while. Mikolaj also reported the majority of bugs in this release, as well as fixing most of them.

A tale of three “rogue” 7DRLs

You lost, Idiot

And so it was that shortly before the March aftermath,
three brave (brave?) developers decided to jump in
and try their guts at developing a 7DRL.

This, is their tale


Ido Yehieli was the first, his motivation was his unavailability for the time of the challenge; he suceeded, and shows us his work at

Then came Malorzean, who said he would attempt but was uncertain of his odds at suceeding… his fears became true one week later when despite his efforts he had nothing to show.

Agnas, from the kingdom of Venezuela (probably) jumped in too, hoping to grasp the victory of having a playable roguelike using his sources, which date back to the former century. Alas, he didn’t made it, but promised to show us something over the next days.

Three developers, a game, an experience and a promise. What other surprises will the 7DRL challenge bring us up?