ASCII Dreams Roguelike of the Year 2008!

Time runs out!

ASCII Dreams, Andrew Doull’s blog made famous by its “Designing a Magic System” series, is holding a poll for the roguelike of the year 2008!

The list was taken from the roguelike releases announced on the Rogue Basin news section between January 1st and December 17th 2008 and from the list of Actively Developing Roguelikes maintained by Jeff Lait. There are a record 75 entries this year

It is time to vote, less than 3 days until the poll closes! Go hither!

GearHead2 January Competition

After going through several months of development, GearHead 2, the FreePascal roguelike of random plots and huge mecha, has achieved a “completable” status! recently released Version 0.5.30 includes this as well as new mecha, new themes, and some adjustments to the combat system.

Me riding a Wraith though the emeral spinnerThis mean you can now play from start to end, using the random campaign generator that will make your story be different each time.

Random plots are one of the defining features of the vapourware genroguelike; however after years of experience and development, Mr. Hewitt has become quite a Gepetto on the topic!

To celebrate this milestone, will be holding a competition. Anyone who completes the game (without cheating) by January 31st 2009 and submits their victory file will get a postcard from them!

What do roguelike developers have with postcards? we all know about the postcardware model from Adom, but this is something completely new!

What are you waiting for, board your mecha and drive your way through the Spinners!