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HyperRogue is a roguelike set in a world where geometry does not behave in expected ways, and which is more infinite than anything Euclidean. The game has emphasis on tactics, exploration, and unique presentation. You can explore 58 lands, each with its own unique monsters, terrain, treasure, and magical orbs, each of them being essentially a mini-game -- and these Lands change seamlessly when you go on the other side of a Great Wall, leading to many interesting interactions when monsters come after you. For more replayability, HyperRogue also has several special modes, such as the shoot-em up mode which is no longer turn-based and can be even played cooperatively. The recently added Orb Strategy mode emphasizes the resource management by giving you harder challenges while allowing you to use your limited magical powers in difficult situations.

Hydra Slayer is a roguelike with a unique combat system based on the properties of numbers (inspired by some old mathematical puzzles). At first this is simple addition and subtraction, but then divisibility and more complicated properties of numbers come into play. As a general design rule, it is rarely clear which weapon is better: the more potential the weapon has, the harder it is to use (for example, a blade that can cut 12 heads at once is useless against hydras which have less than 12 heads). You will need to combine your weapons into sets which can kill hydras as efficiently as possible: hydra attacks cost you health, and it does not regenerate. You can play it as a short 12-level coffebreak roguelike, or continue to the full game, filled with many different special types of multi-headed beings, lots of special artifact weapons, levels with strange topologies, and so on. Hydra Slayer's system is very clear (no more wondering whether +3 Evasion or +1 Dexterity is better, because you don't know the formulae used by the game), but hard to master. Many of the items in Hydra Slayer are also unique -- they would not make sense outside of this combat system, like the Powder of Growth, which makes a hydra grow extra heads -- which is very useful, since a hydra with less heads is not necessarily easier to kill.

Necklace of the Eye (aka NotEye)- a frontend for playing roguelikes. It supports system console and libtcod roguelikes, and extends them in many ways: DOS look (fullscreen with correct fonts, which is hard to obtain in newer operating systems), tiles, first person perspective, isometric perspective; sound, mouse support; play or watch via network; scripting, and so on. Hydra Slayer is included to show the capabilities of NotEye. ADOM, one of the famous classic roguelikes, uses NotEye as its graphical engine.

cons2tcod - an older version of NotEye. It replaces the default Windows console, which allows to view roguelikes (and other text mode applications) just like they would look in DOS. Especially useful for Vista and newer Windows systems.

Vapors of Insanity is a roguelike game set on a paradise island of Fortarica, where the common Humans, mighty Dwarves and Orcs, insect-like Melissans and Formicans, and many more people lived in peace and harmony... until now. One day, you wake up, and see magical fog everywhere around you, and every man and beast around seems to become a mindless machine, wanting only to kill you! The only way to find the source of the problem is to fight the crazy beasts, hoping that you will find a way to remove the vapors, and the beasts will be sane again... Will you be able to win? It is my aim at an epic roguelike, in scope of classics such as ADOM, NetHack, Crawl, Angband, but featuring a big, randomly generated three-dimensional world, many original systems, and a big variety of monsters, civilizations, items, enchantments, spells, and so on. It is still a work in progress, but you can test it if you want.

Untahris is my old game. It features grid-based gameplay, randomly generated levels, permadeath, emergent complexity, non-modalness, resource management, and several other features. Strangely, I do not consider it a roguelike! Although suggestions for adding more roguelike features are welcome.

Here you can play several classic fun, simple arcade games, including games similar to Tetris, Snake, Tron, Arkanoid, Pong, Thrust, Bomberman, Rampart, Liero. You can play them both in single player and multiplayer mode (on one computer, local network, or maybe Internet). Now, Untahris has an original experimental feature, which makes it more than just a bundle of these games! In multiplayer mode each player can play a different game — however, they play all on the same board. This may lead to funny interactions, battles or alliances between them.

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