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Buy HyperRogue 10.2 on Steam!

HyperRogue for Windows, Linux and OSX is available on Steam!
The gameplay is exactly the same as in the free version (except that updates are first included in the paid versions -- currently the free version includes 54 lands, while the paid versions include 58 and some special modes!), but you get access to achievements, online leaderboards, an active discussion forum, and the convenience of Steam. Last but not least, you also support the development of HyperRogue for a very low price :)

Buy HyperRogue 10.2 on itch.io!

You can also buy HyperRogue on itch.io.

Online demo

Here is an online demo of HyperRogue. You can try out HyperRogue without downloading it, but it has much lower performance than the downloadable version, and not all features all included.

HyperRogue 10.0g for Windows (free)

Download HyperRogue (version 10.0g) here (47 MB). The ZIP file includes a Windows executable and (a bit outdated) documentation.

You can also download:

HyperRogue 10.0g source (GPL) for Linux etc.

Includes C++ source which has been tested under Linux (you need SDL, SDL_ttf, SDL_mixer, and SDL_gfx). You should be able to compile on Ubuntu (or similar) with something like this:

sudo apt-get install gcc libsdl1.2-dev libsdl-ttf2.0-dev libsdl-gfx1.2-dev libsdl-mixer1.2-dev
unzip hyperrogue-74h.zip
cd hyperrogue-74h

You also need to copy the font file DejaVuSans-Bold.ttf, and (optionally) sound and music files (e.g. from the Windows package).

HyperRogue 10.0e / HyperRogue Gold 10.0e for Android

HyperRogue for Android is available on Google Play. There is also HyperRogue Lite version which does not include music and is thus very small, and paid HyperRogue Gold. The paid version allows you to support the developer, and it also gets more frequent updates (currently many more lands, and more are coming!), online achievements and leaderboards (via Google Games), and many of the special features.

You can also download: apk (~20 MB), old apk without music (2 MB), source of 4.4a (Eclipse), source of 8.3j (Android Studio). See GitHub for the newest source.
HyperRogue for Android is controlled with touchscreen only. Just touch to move; you can also click one of the buttons in the corners of the circle (so to speak) to change this behavior to scroll, or get quick information and help about the objects on the screen. HyperRogue uses much memory, so you probably need a rather new device with lots of free RAM. It is slower than the desktop version (press Menu and change to ASCII if it is too slow to you), also you see a smaller portion of the screen by default (change this in Menu if you need to see more). Press tell me if it does not work correctly on your device.

HyperRogue for iOS

HyperRogue 10.0e is available on the AppStore! (10.0g should be available soon)

Source code for an old version is also available (source zip (8.3j), binary tgz (4.4), binary zip (4.4), ModMyi Cydia repo (4.4)).

HyperRogue for OSX

There are also older versions, compiled by other people:

More HyperRogue

Your scores and other stats about your games are recorded to file hyperrogue.log (in Linux, ~/.hyperrogue.log). You can save your configation to file hyperrogue.ini (in Linux, ~/.hyperrogue.ini).

Differences between platforms and stores

feature desktop Android iOS Pandora
free Steam itch.io free Gold source AppStore
Version 8.3 (44 lands) (video for 8.0) YES YES YES YES YES NO YES YES
Version 10.0 (54 lands) YES YES YES YES YES NO YES YES
Version 10.2 (58 lands) NO* YES YES NO* SOON NO SOON NO*
Shoot'em up mode YES YES YES YES YES NO YES ?
Multiplayer shmup (video) YES YES YES NO NO NO NO ?
Turn-based multiplayer YES YES YES NO NO NO NO ?
Hypersian Rug mode YES YES YES NO NO NO NO ?
Map/graphics editor YES YES YES NO NO NO NO YES
Other special modes YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES
Online leaderboards and achievements   NO YES NO NO YES NO YES NO
Automatic updates NO YES YES YES YES NO YES YES
Source code available YES YES YES YES NO YES NO YES

Details: An asterisk (*) denotes that the free version will be updated with this at some point in the future. ? denotes that the feature is implemented only partially, or works poorly, on the given platform. (Shmup and Hypersian Rug mode are too slow on Pandora. Typically, only paid versions include the lands and features from the newest major release and achievements/leaderboards (although source code for connecting with online services is not provided). Mobile versions do not include features which require complex interface, such as the map editor or multi-player shmup (single player shmup is planned).

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Thanks to Slashie for hosting this at RogueTemple!
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