SewerJacks 0.8.1

SewerJacksI wrote a review for SewerJacks back when the game was released for a 7DRL challenge.

Corremn has just announced a new version with exciting new features and improvements, while keeping the spirit that made the original game unique and fun!

This roguelike game uses blood bowl rules (a football RPG system) to make close combat much more interesting, SewerJacksincluding teaming up with fellow sewerjackers, using terrain to your advantage, blitzing away or to the enemies, amongst lots of special characters each one with an unique twist.

What are you waiting for? a world of fame and glory awaits you in the sewers!*

* Not really

Take your failed Blood Bowl player down into the sewer depths and seek out fame and glory.
Show those team selectors what they are missing.
Team up with other ex-footballers to eradicate the filthy vermin found within or go it alone.
Pit your skills against chainsaw wielding fanatics, goblin bombardiers, dark elf assassins and goblin throwing trolls.
Ruthlessly destroy the undead or take on the tough dwarfs, the choice is yours.

Developer: Corremn
Licence: Undefined (Source available)
Status: 0.8.1.

The Sewer Massacre 1.0

My first ten dollarsTimofei Shatrov has released the definitive version of his game, which was born from the 2006 Orange October Minigun 7DRL challenge.

What can I say? what we have here is a fun, straightforward and nicely themed game, which may lack some improvements on the UI side but is otherwise very enjoyable.

Become stronger by drinking expired beer and sewer-cola, in you quest to recover all these green-green dollars. There’s a treasure down there on the sewers!

In this game you are a homeless person who descends into the sewers in search for treasure. The goal is to collect as much money as possible and return alive.

The Sewer Massacre
Developer: Timofei Shatrov
Language: CLISP
Licence: Undefined (Source available)
Status: 1.0

NorseWorld Ragnarok

The Isometric ModeRagnarok-Valhalla is/was a graphical roguelike game from the early 90’s.

I was surprised to find out a very well done remake project is under development by a group called “Alchemist Team”, under the name “NorseWorld Ragnarok”.

Screenshots look very nice, using a much improved UI over the original and including a nice looking isometric mode parallel to the classic zoomed-out + detail mode and an ASCII mode.

Overall, the game seems to have been adapted to modern gaming technology; there are lots of improvements, such as native linux support, a built in script handler and multilanguage support (currently russian/english, english texts are still being polished though)

The Console modeThe console mode is an absolutely awesome demake of the original UI, while still being a bit sluggish (seem to use an emulated console instead of direct real console access), I always wanted to see this game with a cleaner, easier to use UI.

The bad news: English version isn’t very polished yet, although it is at the DevTeam plans to enhance it. Godspeed for them!

The development of this game was begun at november 2002, as remake of Ragnarok game, created in 1992-1995 by Thomas Boyd and Robert Vawter.

In English modeIn this roguelike-game, created on base of scandinavian mythology, you are brave viking, who must help the aces (the gods) to win in Ragnarok – the final battle against evil. This battle will determine the fate of nine worlds.

You begin in your village and can choose between the ways of viking warrior, woodsman, blacksmith, alchemist, conjurer or sage. Each way is different from others and has its own advantages and disadvantages, each new game is totally unique:worlds and their levels, lands, creatures, items and even merchants are randomly generated.

NorseWorld Ragnarok
Developers: Alchemist Team Led by Serg V. Zhdanovskich
Licence: Freeware (not confirmed)
Supported OS’es: Unknown
Status: 0.99.2 alpha

Sangband 1.0.0 Final

Sangand Red Dragon CrestUpdate from the *bands front: the Sangband mantainer is proud to announce version “1.0.0 Final” of the game.

Main feature of Sangband is its “intense character development”, which is all Skill based instead of Exp-based; it works really well, and the choices you make really affect the way you can play your adventurer.

Congratulations to its mantainer, Leon Marrick, for achieving the much elusive 1.0.0!

There are many ways to die. There are many ways to die. The choices you make among skills, the plunder from vaults and fallen foes, the objects you forge, your growing tactical prowess – all will shape your adventure.

Current Mantainer/Developer: Leon Marrick
License: GPL
Status 1.0.0 Stable

Unreal World 3.02

Unreal World generated worldOk, I can remember staying up late some years ago at a cousin’s house just to play this game. I really loved the way the world was simulated, and the vast number of skills and possible interactions. And just roaming the world free. (I love maps)

All right, I also remember hating the deadly-and-not-fun combat system, and the bizarre looking world generation, and being scared of the title screen “chants”.

But well, it’s been a long time since all that, and I just came to know the game has advanced a whole lot; seems the weird sector based world generation is gone and replaced with something much much better.

You can find more info at The Official Website

UnReal World, UrW, is a unique graphical roguelikish RPG taking place in the far North ages ago.
It brings you realistic game world with lots of historical traits as well as northern folklore, beliefs and way of life. Features and atmosphere of the game are very original and fascinating.

Unreal World
Developers: Sami Maaranen and Erkka Lehmus
License: Shareware
Status: 3.02 Stable

The Roguelike Fanworks Archive

Limoli’s sexy female drakalor explorerA collection of fan-made pictures, movies and writings about roguelike games, you can find it here.

Be sure to check out the Lord of the Rings gif cmovies trailers, Limoli’s Adom female character “Elera” and Chibi Dark Link’s “Halion” High-Elven ranger.

It’s pretty empty for now, but you can help the author fill it!

This website is intended to be an archive of all the fanworks based on, inspired by, or created for roguelike games. […] If you have some art you’d like to submit, please e-mail me[…]. We accept artwork, fan writing, movies, any form of fan tribute to this great series and concept of games.

Terror in ASCII Dungeon

The author of the article performing a victory danceHere is a pretty decent in-depth game programming tutorial for C++, which follows the development of a “RPG Dungeon using ASCII art” game to teach all the basics. Pretty cool!

Also, the author seems to love Rogue, but not to know any other roguelikes… If so, I hope he finds this website useful!

(Thanks to lemmy for letting me know about it)

So, you’ve just opened this thread because you want to make a game, right? Maybe you just clicked on it because you were curious, or just checking out all the new posts on the forum. You’ve always fancied giving it a go, sure, but everything you’ve read on the subject you’ve just felt overwhelmed:

“I could never program games, all those numbers and code; it just fries my brain!?!”

If this is you, then you are in fact exactly the kind of person I’m hoping to introduce to game programming. Yes, writing a high-tech 3D engine may be out of your reach, at least for now. But actually making a nice simple game, with the proper introduction, is not as much of a leap as you might think.