Releases Wire XIX

libjcsi 0.0.1

The Java Console System Interface library defines an abstract representation layer to which you can plug your roguelike projects’ user interface, and then choose from any of the implementations on start up, allowing your console game to be output in both a real console via JCurses or an emulated terminal via swing

MageGuild 0.7

Some highlights from 0.7:

-‘special’, semi-fixed rooms
-bosses and their associated fixed levels
-new item type
-fixed some mono compatibility issues
-assorted bugs and balance issues

FRogue (1st Attempt)

This is my first attempt at a rogue-like. It’s just basic rogue, not all the depth and features in nethack or angband variants or even Advanced Rogue, XRogue, UltraRogue, etc. I may try that later. I basically used this project as an opportunity to learn Flex, the (not-so) new tool from Adobe that creates a Flash file.

Cryptrover 1.1

Released about 3 months after the 1.0 version, it contains a couple of new features, bug fixes, balance tweaks & interface improvments. However, the game remains simple, and that is by design.

 – mageguild – FRogue – Cryptrover

Eat your stone soup, August Crawl Tournament

The dudes at have announced a public tournament to take place during the month of August! It is time to prove your dungeon crawling skills against talented crawlers from all around the world!

Hello everyone! With help from a cast of characters always growing and always awesome, I’m putting together the first Crawl tournament in the style of various nethack tournaments, including the /dev/null network tournament and Eidolos’s June tournaments. Here are the basics:

* You play as many games as you want for the entirety of August.
* Wins get you meta-points, especially for the fastest or first or streaks.
* High scores in race/class combinations get you meta-points, especially if you have the most of them.
* Getting runes and killing uniques also get you meta-points, so you don’t need to be a Crawl Champion to get your name up on the scoreboard.
* Clans of six players or less are encouraged and clans have their own special additional meta-points to determine which clan wins.
* There should be at least one server in the US and at least one in Europe; if you’re interested in hosting a server, please send me email.

You don’t need to do anything to sign up other than play on CAO. When there is specific information about the exact start/end times, specific information about clan memberships, and a webpage with the current status of “Who’s winning each prize?,” I’ll post again. If it tempts you at all, there will be actual, physical, you-not-your-character can touch them prizes. 🙂

The tournament has started, you are still on time to get in! Go to Crawl at

Also, join roguetemple’s clan and fight for glory and fame!

Releases Wire XVIII

Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup 0.4.1

Main features:
* Greatly improved interface
* Greatly improved Tiles version
* Overhauled the good gods
* Added Vampire species
* Enabled all sensible species/class combinations
* Smarter monsters

Dwarf Fortress

I’m going to bed pretty soon, so if there are catastrophic problems, you’ll probably have to sit on them for many, many hours.

CyberRogue 0.0.6 r41

I’m still looking for a suitable name – I couldn’t think of one back when I tried making CPRL (and failed), and CR is really just a shortening of that. I can’t use ShadowRun… EdgeRunner? That’s something from CyberPunk 2020, also sounds like crashRun… All suggestions happily taken (my creative juices are a little dry right now).

Elona 1.1.3.

This is beta version but should be stable. Some of the names of your random artifacts may change.

Zaiband 3.0.9

Zaiband is an Angband variant. In particular, it is a roguelike — a game whose interface is (mostly) console-oriented, and for which graphics are strictly optional.

FAAngband 0.3.5

This is mainly a bugfix and minor feature version, and is intended to be the last of the 0.3.x series (but I’ve said that before).

2008 – Failure Rate of Roguelike Games Analysis

Mr. Jeff Lait has finished his yearly analysis of roguelike development activity!

The absolute numbers are equally impressive – 70 projects saw another point release in the last year. Of those, an astounding 54 were last updated in the last six months. Roguelike creation, as measured by roguelikes making it to this list, has tracked consistently at three roguelikes per month for the last five years!

Check his analysis at this roguetemple article (of the original usenet post (Via google groups))

Releass Wire XVII

Privateer 0.3.7

You will now only be fined and banned for attacks and murders on a base or planet if a witness sees both you and your victim right as the act is being committed (if you’re attacking or killing a police officer, witnesses aren’t required for fines and banning). You will also only be fined and banned for using a hand grenade if somebody saw you throwing the grenade.

Quarker 0.001

I’ve got a new version of my in development roguelike up. Now with version numbering!

libtcod-net 0.1

libtcod-net is a BSD licensed C# library that wraps libtcod, a roguelike library.

libtcod 1.3.2

libtcod 1.3.2 is a bugfix release. It also adds documentation for the fast generic container TCODList.

Doryen Arena 0.7

arena 0.7 has slightly improved and easier gameplay

ASCII-Draw Build 7

AsciiDraw is a console application meant to serve as a replacement for standard text editors when prototyping a roguelike’s interface. It provides access to all ascii characters and standard colors.


Two versions ago, David Parker ported POWDER to the GP2X. The GP2X is a type of hardware I’ve always meant to support – they actively encourage homebrew style development. Thus, I am very happy that David’s changes have been rolled into the main development branch so we should have a GP2X build now. For those aching for stylus support – the source is there too. I have compiled this version blind, so apologies in advance if there are problems. With your feedback we can get it worked out.

Legerdemain 0.9.8

The Phenomedom Tourist Bureau has added several new passages and items, dozens of new scripted events and hints, and lots more dialogue to ensure your stay is an entertaining one. A few unwinnable situations have also been corrected.

Incursion 0.6.9H4

Quick patch release, now up on the official site for Win32, Mac and Linux! The online manual is now up-to-date as well.

DarkHall 1.1.71

Thanks for taking your valuable time to try it out!

2008 Roguelike Soundtrack Contest Entries, and Interview with Mingos

The 2008 Roguelike Soundtrack Contest entries have been published! Check out the contest homepage and vote for your favorite!

They were 15 valiant bards entering the dreadful labyrinth of the 2008 roguelike soundtrack contest. Only 8 of them survived the traps and hidden creatures. You can vote until July, 20 23:59 GMT for your favorite soundtrack

Thank you Mingos and Jice for arranging this contest. And thank you contestants for providing us with quality soundtracks!

Check the Interview with Mingos for further details!

The silent noise of the L5 Region

Yatate Spinner

People of the rogueworld, I am glad to announce the latest production of Joe Hewitt’s Ataraxia Theatre!

The story begins at the Rishiri Region: L5 Orbital Pattern, not long after the Typhon incident at Snake Lake City (the same time frame of GearHead 2).

Mischa in action!

Mischa, a wealthy adventurer from Luna, has landed on the fanatics crowded Yatate Spinner, along with her sentient dweller robot dog, Bjorn. What will happen next is unknown, the Red Mask Raiders pirate group, along with a unique characters set will surely add up for an exciting adventure!

So, be sure to link “Mischa’s Story”, which updates on on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. First strip is out already!

(What! you don’t know what GearHead is?)