Jeff Lait Interviewed again

The Renegade Roguedev

The Renegade Roguedev

I think becoming unhealthily obsessed with something is a healthy behaviour for a teenager. Usually it runs its course in a year or two, leaving the person wiser, like in larval stage programmers.

That said, we all should have limitations on how long we play videogames. These limits, ideally, should be self-imposed. For minors who have not yet learned discipline, parental guidance may be needed. I am strongly opposed to the government being directly involved, however.

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Return of the DarkGod, the Fourth Age

For many years people have patiently waited for ToME3 to be released,
for many years I have tried.

But I always burned out of developing it too fast.
It was a pile of old crappy code I could not stand working on anymore…

Until now…

Surprise! DarkGod has risen…. and has announced his new creation!


T-Engine 4 is a complete, from-scratch, LUA-based remake of the T-Engine 3, and comes with the full ToME 4 module, for your enjoyment!

The engine has started its long road to stability, but things look nifty, and I’m sure it will rise high with the support of the ToME community.

Further info at this roguetemple post and the official site