The Serial Killer Roguelike Hoax

After just a week of existence, and being featured in some respectable web publications and forums (in which it got lots of feedback), it has been revealed that the Serial Killer roguelike project was fake.


The project claimed to pursuit the development of a highly detailed (DF-Level) simulation of murder including psychological traits and dealing with the forces of the law.

Following are the possible reasons of the developer to announce the unsuccessful end of this project:

  • He was doing an university project to study the reactions of people to such a controversial theme
  • He was just a high level troll with flash skills and some spare time
  • The project raised the expectations far too high and scared the hell out of the developer
  • Personal reasons caused the developer to dismiss it, fearing it would affect his life.
  • Someone hacked all of his accounts including bay12 and youtube, impersonated him and deleted everything (that person is probably seeking him physically now, to finish his cleaning rampage)

The news has been received with both relief and disappointment. The theme was disturbing, but everybody is free to pick the games they want to play (I would not play it)

Me myself, I’m sorry there are lots of other real projects which yell for attention and feedback for years, yet never receive the kind of input it wasted.